Monthly Archives: April 2014

Big Data Privacy Bingo

With the White House’s Big Data and Privacy Review anticipated any day now, I figured it was long past time to put together a quick #bigdataprivacy bingo card. If you go to enough privacy (or big data) events and workshops, you’ll quickly realize how many of the same buzzwords and anecdotes get cited over and over . . . and over again. In the battle between privacy and innovation, bingo may be the only thing that wins.

Truthout Publishes My Thoughts on Big Data’s Image Problem

Happy to report that Truthout today published my quick op-ed entitled “Big Data’s Big Image Problem.” Not only does this piece expand on comments the Future of Privacy Forum submitted as part of the White House’s Big Data Review, but it also riffs on my favorite part of the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  As a privacy wonk, I took great pleasure in discovering that ::minor spoilers:: Captain America’s chief villain was actually “The Algorithm.”  When Captain America doesn’t like you, you know you’ve got an image problem, and frankly, big data has an image problem.

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